How to Set Up a Microsoft SQL Server Database in Docker on Linux

Microsoft SQL Server may be a strong and wide used direction system (DBMS). historically, SQL Server databases are created on dedicated servers or virtual machines, however manual laborer has modified all that.

Let’s take a glance at however you’ll be able to created a SQL Server instance on a UNIX instrumentality with manual laborer.

How to Set Up a Microsoft SQL Server Database in Docker on Linux

Advantages of Running SQL Server in manual docker

If you’re a engineer considering whether or not you ought to run SQL Server in manual laborer, well, here square measure a number of the benefits that manual laborer offers:

  1. Cost-effective and lightweight: You don’t got to created an avid server or virtual machine
  2. Docker is comparatively straightforward to line up and tack together
  3. You can simply alter the preparation and setup method with scripts
  4. Docker permits you to simply produce uniform environments, and you’ll be able to use an equivalent manual laborer image on any software package together with macOS, Windows, or Linux

Docker may be a powerful tool and it will vastly remodel however you deploy or provision your code systems.

Step 1: obtaining the SQL Server manual docker Image

You’ll need manual laborer version one.8 or on top of to be able to created SQL Server on manual laborer. If you’re mistreatment Ubuntu UNIX, here’s the way to install manual laborer. consider the official manual laborer site on the way to install manual laborer on different UNIX distros.

Pull the SQL Server manual laborer image from the official Microsoft manual laborer repository mistreatment the command below. manual docker can 1st seek for the image on your laptop, and if it doesn’t realize it regionally it’ll explore for the image on remote repositories via the net.

SQL Server 2019 is that the latest supported version of SQL Server on manual laborer at the time of this writing.

You can drop sudo from the command on top of if you’ve got organized your manual laborer to run with a non-root user.

Step 2: Running the manual docker Image

Once the manual docker image is finished downloading, you’ll be able to list or read all manual laborer pictures on your laptop by running the subsequent command:


If your SQL Server image is listed, then you’re able to run it. however before you are doing, here square measure some manual laborer command parameters that you just ought to bear in mind of.

Docker Command Parameters Description

  1. -e “ACCEPT_EULA=Y”: Used for acceptive End-User License Agreement terms
  2. -e “SA_PASSWORD=Adminxyz22#”: Used for setting the SA password of the manual laborer image. during this case, the arcanum is about to Adminxyz22#. confirm you utilize a powerful arcanum that’s a minimum of eight characters long.
  3. -p 1433:1433: By default, SQL Server runs on port 1433. This parameter merely says: use port 1433 on the host machine to attach to port 1433 on the manual laborer image.
  4. –name: Use this selection to specify a reputation for your manual laborer image, otherwise, manual laborer can generate a random name for you.
  5. –hostname: Use this selection for distribution a hostname to your SQL Server. manual laborer can generate a random hostname if you do not assign one.

It is necessary that you just assign a purposeful name and hostname to your manual laborer image as a result of this is often what you’ll use in your association strings to attach to your info.

Step 3: Connecting to the SQL Server From manual docker

You can connect with the SQL Server instance on manual laborer mistreatment SQL Server shoppers like the command, Microsoft SQL Server Management

Studio, Azure information Studio, etc. Azure information Studio is light-weight and on the market on macOS, Windows, and Linux.
Let’s use the Ubuntu terminal to attach to the SQL Server running on manual laborer. First, run the subsequent command to access the terminal of the manual docker container:
When you’ve got accessed the interactive terminal on the manual laborer image, run the subsequent command to attach to the SQL Server:

The default username for the SQL Server image on manual docker is SA. Also, keep in mind to use the proper arcanum that you’ve got appointed to your SQL Server instance.
Once connected, you’ll be able to list on the market databases mistreatment the command:

Then type GO in following prompt and press Enter to execute your SQL query:
Running Microsoft SQL Server on a manual docker instrumentality

We’ve checked out the way to run SQL Server 2019 within a UNIX instrumentality on manual laborer. manual laborer is wide utilized by several code engineers for deploying applications and putting in place complicated environments with ease.

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