Facebook’s video app may no longer work on Apple TV

Facebook’s video app may no longer work on Apple TV

Facebook’s app for sensible TVs, that lets users tune into numerous videos, shows, and livestreams on the platform, could not be offered on Apple TV, as 1st rumored by 9to5Mac. Some users say they’re not able to access the app once its most up-to-date update.

In a thread on MacRumors, one user shares a picture of the notice they received once making an attempt to open Facebook Watch on their Apple TV 4K: “The Facebook Watch TV app is not any longer offered, however you’ll still notice legion videos on Facebook at WWW.facebook.com/watch.” many alternative users report having identical expertise.

Facebook unrolled its Watch app on Apple TV in 2017 once 1st launching it on Samsung sensible TVs. The app is additionally offered on numerous alternative sensible TVs and consoles, furthermore as on Facebook’s mobile app and desktop website. Users World Health Organization still need to use the Watch app on Apple TV ought to be able to forged Watch from their phone to their TV, however this clearly isn’t as convenient as merely gap up associate app.
It’s unclear if the Facebook Watch app is not any longer offered thanks to a bug triggered by the recent update, or if Facebook force the app from Apple TV entirely. Apple TV continues to be listed collectively of Facebook Watch’s supported platforms. The Verge reached dead set Apple and Facebook with missive of invitation for comment however didn’t like a shot hear back.

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