How to run PugetBench for After Effects

Over the past few weeks, we have a tendency to’ve been showing however|you ways|you the way} you’ll be able to run a number of the benchmarks that we run in our portable computer reviews to visualize how well your laptop stacks up to others on the market. Today, we’re wanting at PugetBench for when Effects, created by the laptop manufacturer Puget Systems, will|which is able to} live however well your pc can handle VFX and graphics work.

It’s vital to notice that this benchmark remains in beta. it’s a touch a lot of glitchy than a number of the opposite Puget benchmarks (including the one for Photoshop, that we have a tendency to talked regarding earlier). If you’re running into issues, Puget Systems has a long list of troubleshooting steps to attempt. It’s doubly vital that you just don’t use the system (even bump the mouse) whereas PugetBench for when Effects is running — this may break the benchmark and force you to begin over.

To run the benchmark:

  • If you’ve got Adobe artistic Cloud, sign on and go to Stock & Marketplace. Search for PugetBench for when Effects and install it.
  • You can additionally realize it for free on Adobe’s web site. you’ll still ought to install it from the artistic Cloud desktop app 

Open when Effects.

  • Go to After Effects > Preferences > Scripting & Expressions and check the box next to Allow Scripts to jot down Files and Access Network.
  • Make a replacement composition, so go to Composition > Preview and uncheck Cache Frames once Idle. you’ll be able to shut the new composition once you’ve done this.
  • Now, you’re able to run the plug-in. Go to Window > Extensions > PugetBench for when Effects. A window can pop wherever you’ll be able to enter your license key (if you have got one) and tweak no matter different settings you wish

Click Run Benchmark.

Note: you wish to possess a minimum of 12GB of memory obtainable for when Effects to use.

If you don’t have enough, the benchmark can error out and tell you to apportion a lot of.
When it’s finished, the benchmark can offer you a score and (unless you’ve entered a license code) transfer it to the public info.

Here, you’ll be able to see however your score stacks up with different machines that have run the benchmark. Results for all of Puget Systems’ benchmarks area unit in here, thus ensure when Effects is chosen as you peruse them.

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