How To Get Clay in Stardew Valley

Clay is an excellent resource in Stardew Valley. Among other things, you can use it to build silos, give others as gifts, create other types of high-quality soil. Although the resource is not widely used, it usually comes in handy.

If you’re new to Stardew Valley and you’re trying to figure out how to get clay in Stardew Valley, we’re here to help.

This article will walk you through several ways to obtain the resource. Also note that some methods are more effective and faster than others. So we will also emphasize which technique you should use to get clay faster and more effectively.

How do I get clay in Stardew Valley

The main way to get clay in Stardew Valley is to work the farm with a hoe. You can also find clay around the beach. In fact, if you’re looking for clay, it’s better to focus on the beach as that’s where you’ll get the most amount of the resource compared to the farm.

However, collecting clay by digging up the farm and beach is not efficient. Most of the time, clay obtained through this method is not even enough to make items that require it in their recipe.

Geodes are also a great way to collect clay. If you find one, take it to Clint, a blacksmith in southeast Pelican. If they break it open, they can discover clay in it. Unfortunately, however, this is a sporadic method of finding the source.

The final way to get clay is to accept it as a gift during the annual Winter’s Star festival. Unfortunately, Vincent and Jas are the only residents to gift the resource. For that reason, you must be paired with them.

On the other hand, it’s not always a good idea to give clay to other residents of the Stardew Valley, as most residents hate it, and others downright hate it.

How do you get clay fast in Stardew Valley?

The most effective and fastest way to obtain clay is to dig in the mines. Whenever you see a worm field – a spot that looks like a patch of land with three worms sticking out of their heads – dig it up with a hoe. You may find some clay in the area.

Alternatively, you can use an explosive to remove the dirt faster. This method kills two birds with one stone because you can also get cave carrots in these locations.

What are the uses of clay?

Once you’ve found clay, you can use it to gift residents in Stardew Valley, but keep in mind that most people hate it. Here is a list of items that require clay as a recipe.

Building silos

Silos are notable buildings used to store grass and animal feed. The process takes large amounts of clay, ten to be exact.

Making garden pots

Garden pots are useful if you want to grow indoors. Unlike outdoor cultivation, which is seasonal, indoor crops continue to feed regardless of the season. To form a garden pot, you need one clay.

Building a brick floor

You can use clay to decorate your floor or to create paths. You will need two units of clay for this activity.

Milling bones

You can turn bones into fertilizer by mixing them with clay. Once you’ve done that, you can sell this fertilizer to other farmers or use it for your crops. This activity will cost you three units of clay.


You can also use clay to make wearable shirts. To complete this task you will need one piece of clay.

Making fiber seeds

Clay is used in making Fiber Seeds in Stardew Valley. These seeds are excellent for farmers as they require no water and can be harvested in seven days. In addition, you can plant them in any season of the year, including winter. To complete this process you will need one clay.

Creating quality-retaining soil

You can also use clay to create quality soils, which is an excellent resource for growing crops. This soil holds water for a long time and should be mixed with tilled soil for more excellent results. You need one piece of clay to make this earth.

Additional FAQs

Can I buy clay from a retailer in Stardew Valley?

Unfortunately, no one in Stardew Valley sells clay. You need to use the methods we mentioned above to get it.

Where can I get the most clay in Stardew Valley?

To find the most clay in Stardew Valley, focus on the mines, especially the first 30 levels.

Can clay be manufactured in Stardew Valley?

Clay is a natural resource and cannot be manufactured. You can only find it.

Go get that clay

As you can see, collecting clay in Stardew Valley is not complicated. If you are a beginner, you may have collected it without realizing it. Just work the soil, and there you will find it. But to get more clay quickly, focus on the mines.

How do you collect clay in Stardew Valley? How do you use it after mounting it? Let us know in the comments below.

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