You’re Going to Play Video Games in a Whole New Way (Many do Now)

As anyone who has been even remotely interested in it knows, video games are traditionally played on consoles after a short but memorable period in arcades.

Since the debut of the Atari (PONGF) 2600 in 1977, we have sat at home (and as children, on the floor, often our necks up in awkward positions) playing our games, watching the action go by on the television, mesmerized by the battle against an evil wizard or just hoping to make it to the next castle to save the princess.

While Milton Bradley (HAS) was the first to attempt to make this experience portable with the Microvision handheld in 1979, the first real success of a portable video game was Nintendo’s (NTDOF) . After the Gameboy was released in 1989 in Japan and a year later in the US, a new way to play games opened up – a way that we could play them on the go.


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