The Best Games in Roblox in 2022

Roblox has a huge, ever-expanding library: with over 40 million games available on the platform in 2022, deciding what to play next can be a real challenge.

To make your task a little easier, we’ve rounded up some of the best games that will get you started right away. So, if you’re looking for your next favorite Roblox game, here are some recommendations that won’t disappoint.

The best games in Roblox

Roblox has many different faces. Whether you like gory zombies or cute collectibles, you’ll find something you’re into. Find your favorite category below.

The best horror games in Roblox

If you think Roblox games can’t be scary, you’ve yet to see the best. Try these three for a good scare.

the mimicry

The Mimic by MUCDICH is one of the best survival horror games in Roblox, almost two million times favorite. This game takes you to Japan where you play as a different character in four different stories, all based on Japanese history or eerie urban legends. Lore enthusiasts are sure to love this one. Plus, you can bring up to five friends on this terrifying adventure.


If you think you can handle “extreme jump scares”, try Judy from Phantom Archive. Judy has everything a horror game needs. Mysterious disappearance? To check. Abandoned amusement park? To check. Creepy monsters? To check. Explore the map with your friends or test your mettle alone.


Apeirophobia is defined as ‘the fear of the infinite’, so if an endless maze is your worst nightmare, this game will boost your adrenaline level. But getting lost in a maze of dark corridors isn’t the only thing to fear in Polaroid Studios’ Apeirophobia. Danger could be lurking just around the corner, so try to solve the puzzles and get away before it catches up to you.

The best simulator games in Roblox

The variety you see in Roblox’s simulator category is unparalleled. You can find a simulator for just about anything from mining to gliding to doing laundry or mowing your lawn. Here are some fun simulators you might be interested in.

Collect all pets

What’s a simulator without a huge selection of cute pets? Collect All Pets by TwoZoos is an important pet simulator in the sea of ​​similar Roblox games. Hatch eggs to find rare pets to grow gold and unlock more and more areas. The premise is simple, but it’s undoubtedly satisfying to watch the counter go up.

Bee Swarm Simulator

A classic not to be missed is Bee Swarm Simulator by Onett. This game has been a popular pick since 2018 and has been favored over five million times, but it’s never too late to try it. So, what’s so great about this game? It is bustling with activity. Collect pollen, complete missions, upgrade your gear and grow your army of bees to become the best honey producer.

Animal Simulator

If you want something more relaxing than a huge swarm of bees, you can become your favorite animal in Animal Simulator from ragnar9878. There is a huge map to explore and countless ways to interact with your environment in this game. In addition to role-playing, you can also fight bosses, collect treasures, and unlock more characters while you’re at it.

The best car games in Roblox

There is no shortage of great car games in Roblox; let’s take a look at some of the best.

Taxi boss

Taxi Boss from Taxi Boss Group is much more than a simple taxi simulator. Besides carrying passengers, this game also allows you to race, drift and explore. Start modest and keep upgrading your car to get better paying customers. You can even hire AI drivers to work for you in the latest update!

Polish driving

How about a ride through the quiet streets of Poland? Polish Car Driving by DogeselekGPU has you covered. This driving simulator is still fairly new, so more content is expected in the future, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on. The graphics are great and the game is realistic. Don’t get caught speeding or you’ll be fined.

Midnight Race: Tokyo

If you’re into racing, look no further than Midnight Racing: Tokyo by devGem. Although it is still in the demo stage, this is one of the highest quality car racing games in Roblox. With over 130 cars to customize, you’ll never get bored of your drive. Explore five different maps and challenge other players to see who is the fastest in Tokyo.

The best anime games in Roblox

If you like Roblox and anime, we have great news for you. There are hundreds of thousands of anime themed games on this platform. Check out some of the following:

Anime Cross 2

One of the best anime themed fighting games in Roblox is Anime Cross 2 from Astral Games. In this battle royale style game, famous anime characters compete against each other. Choose your fighter and test your skills against your friends, or assemble a team to prove that the power of friendship always prevails.


Tokyo Ghoul fans might want to give SushiWalrus’ Ro-Ghoul a try. In this PVP (player vs player) adventure game, you can choose a side and become a ghoul or an agent of the CCG. Explore your surroundings, discover objects, buy cosmetics and hang out with friends – all while completing missions to grow your reputation. Eventually you can fight other players or powerful bosses to gain experience.


While you wait for the final season of Attack on Titan, you can defeat some titans yourself in Downfall by Films. Create a character and start practicing your ODM skills to protect the city from these scary giants. The task will not be easy; try not to run out of gas and save humanity!

Press the play button

The best thing about Roblox is that if you don’t like one game, you can just try another. However, with millions of games at your disposal, your search can get tedious. To save some time, start with the top games listed above and you’re sure to find your next favorite!

What are your favorite Roblox games in these categories? Did you discover something interesting in this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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