UP Sanitation Employee Sacked For Carrying Images Of PM Modi, CM Yogi In Rubbish Cart Reinstated

Mathura sanitation worker in Uttar Pradesh, who was fired after a video of him Carrying portraits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath in a garbage truck has gone viral, has been reinstated, a report in The Indian Specific said. The recovery letter was obtained Tuesday morning by the sanitation worker named Bobby.

Mathura officials said Bobby would resume his duties soon, the Indian Specific report said. Mathura Nagar Nigam Municipal Welfare Officer, Dr. Karim Akhtar Qureshi, stated that Bobby had apologized to the municipal commissioner, after which he was reinstated. He was advised to be extra careful in the future.

“Bobby had cast a spell on the spot where he apologized for his actions and guaranteed he would not commit it again and stated that he would continue to work honestly and honestly. He also acknowledged that he is the sole breadwinner of his household and mainly on this basis he was recovered,’ Qureshi instructed Specific.

Last week, Bobby’s contract was terminated after he was reportedly seen carrying a garbage truck with portraits of PM Modi and CM Adityanath in it. He got a current trigger discovery and was asked to provide proof.

The incident came to light here after a video circulated of the employee pushing the cart through a neighborhood in Mathura.

One of the many movies confirmed that people asked Bobby regarding the footage with the trash in his wheelbarrow. The sanitation worker replied that he discovered them lying on a road and that he was just doing his job.

After the incident, Bobby stated that he was only doing his job collecting garbage from the streets. He stated that it was not his fault that the portraits of the Prime Minister and the UP CM were dumped on the street.

“Before initiating movement, a minimum of what actually happened should have been thought about and established whether or not I was at fault,” he said in a PTI. report.

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