The Best Templates to Track Personal Expenses in Excel

Staying on top of your spending is crucial to achieving financial security and finding ways to save money. In addition to its many great features, Excel can also serve as an excellent tool for monitoring your expenses. To help you take the first step to take control of your spending habits, we’ve put together a list of the best templates for tracking personal expenses in Excel.

The Best Microsoft Templates to Track Personal Expenses in Excel

In addition to providing Excel software, Microsoft offers several great templates for tracking personal expenses. All of these templates are free and easy to use and customize.

Basic personal budget

If you want to track your expenses and savings throughout the year with a simple template, this Basic Personal Budget might be for you.

The template consists of two Excel worksheets titled “Summary” and “Expenses”. After entering your income data and all expenses, the Summary worksheet shows your money status and total monthly expenses. The Expenses worksheet contains standard categories and subcategories necessary for budgeting. The beauty of this template is that it can be filtered and sorted easily.

This invaluable template will not only help you understand your personal expenses, but can also help you manage the budget for a smaller project.

Simple personal budget

If you prefer an overview of all your expenses on one page, this personal budget can easily get the job done.

The template is easy to navigate and neatly organized, making it extremely user-friendly. After entering your income and expenses, special cells use embedded formulas to calculate your monthly and yearly totals. To help you visualize the data, sparklines are next to each heading.

The sparklines highlight patterns and trends in your spending, giving you an in-depth look at your financial habits.

You can use this handy template to take better control of your finances or save money for a specific project or purpose.

Personal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet

The Personal Monthly Budget Spreadsheet is an excellent choice for people who want a more comprehensive budgeting template.

The template contains multiple expense headers that focus on the most common spending habits, such as:

  • housing
  • Food
  • transport
  • Personal care
  • Pets

If the template doesn’t include a specific category that’s important to your personal budget, don’t worry. This template offers editable subcategories, allowing for personalization according to your needs.

The income portion is divided into two separate fields: primary and secondary sources. This feature allows you to streamline the budgeting of each income source each month.

Simple monthly budget

Visual learners can benefit most by downloading this simple monthly budget.

The template is quite simple. It allows you to see how much money you are earning and spending and what you are spending it on. In addition to the Income and Expense worksheets, you will also see a Summary worksheet that gives you a good overview of your overall finances.

To help you visualize the nature of your spending habits, the template uses eye-catching charts to indicate the items you spend the most on. This handy feature can help you cut unnecessary expenses and work towards your long-term goals.

Budget calculator

If you don’t need any of the bells and whistles, just a tool to do the math for you, consider using this simple budget calculator.

You can set the expense categories according to your needs and use the calculator to see where all your money is going. The calculator generates a bar chart that quickly indicates whether you are under or above your budget.

The template is designed for a monthly budget and helps you stay on track with your finances.

The Best Third-Party Templates to Track Personal Expenses in Excel

Good financial health is seemingly all the rage, leading many third-party websites to create various vibrant and intricate Excel templates. They work in much the same way as their Microsoft counterparts, and they are all free to use.

Personal monthly budget

This Personal Monthly Budget is perfect for getting your finances under control.

The template allows you to compare your set budget with your actual expenses each month. The difference is calculated and formatted in an easy-to-understand way, so you quickly know where you might be overspending.

This extremely handy template is divided into main headings and subheadings so that you can track each release. The main sections are:

  • Cost at home
  • transport
  • Health
  • Daily life
  • entertainment

Some songs are already included to help you master the template, so be sure to replace them with your own.

Simple budget spreadsheet

If you want a stylish and colorful template without too much overwhelming detail, this Simple Budget Spreadsheet will probably pique your interest.

This template is well-arranged and clear. While it’s simple, it contains everything you need to efficiently monitor your spending habits.

There is a sample spreadsheet to give you an idea of ​​how to organize and track your finances. This spreadsheet also includes a quick guide to the three parts of the budget:

  • What comes in?
  • What goes out (fixed costs)
  • What goes out (variable costs)

The second spreadsheet is blank and waiting for you to fill it in and start your budget journey.

Personal Spending Tracker

The Personal Expense Tracker is a fantastic all-in-one template, perfect for advanced users who want to take every little detail into account.

This colorful template has everything you need to thoroughly track your personal expenses. It is spread across multiple spreadsheets and contains numerous different options. The template also includes multiple charts that can help you visualize your expenses.

In a rare feat, this template allows you to track various forms of payment such as cash, credit or debit card, and check.

Thanks to how comprehensive this template is, it will undoubtedly help you take expense tracking to the next level.

Personal Budget Spreadsheet

The Personal Budget Spreadsheet is another comprehensive template that gives you dynamic insight into your financial habits.

This template allows you to track and manage your income, expenses and savings. With regard to the latter category, there is a unique field titled ‘Potential to save’. Any increase in your income or decrease in your expenses is automatically assigned to your savings. If you manage to keep it that way, you’ll reach the ideal field value of ‘0’.

Aside from that, there’s a plethora of headlines, subheadings, and visually striking charts to help you keep track of your monthly and yearly budget at a glance.

College Budget Template

Going to college and becoming independent can be stressful for many reasons, with budgeting probably taking one of the best places. This College Budget Template can help ease that transition and instill confidence in your financial planning.

The template is easy to understand and use and includes everything you need to track your expenses while in college. The Earnings section includes several funding sources, including:

  • employment opportunities
  • Parents
  • Student grants
  • Scholarships
  • Savings

This well-thought-out template will help you stay on top of your budget throughout the month, semester, and school year. Hopefully, this will lead to maintaining a positive balance in your bank account throughout college.

Have more sense than money

Using one of the Excel templates described in this article can go a long way in improving your overall financial situation. Choose one that best fits your needs and priorities, and start working on your short- and long-term financial goals right away.

Which of these templates is calling your name? What’s a section you can’t live without? Let us know in the comments below.

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