30 Trending Restaurant Menu Items to Watch

Are you tired of bone broth or do you suffer from edimame ennui? Did hummus get ho-hum?

Maybe you’re tired of Whoppers, or had it with hash browns. Move over McMuffin, pandemic, hungry Americans want revenge and are looking for the next great cocktail, taco, microgreen or amuse-bouche.

How do Nashville hot, candied bacon, beer smoothies and CBD oil sound?

The National Restaurant Association says the foodservice industry is expected to reach $898 billion in revenue by 2022, up from $799 billion in 2021 and even surpassing pre-pandemic revenue of $864 billion in 2019. They also report that. 51% of adults say they don’t eat at restaurants as often as they would like, which is a 6 percentage point increase from pre-pandemic. But pent-up demand for restaurant services remains high.


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