How To Edit a Form After Submit in Google Forms

Google Forms is an excellent tool for creating all kinds of forms, surveys, and job submission forms. It is a free tool with many pre-designed forms that you can edit to your liking and post online for others to fill out.

However, sometimes you need to change the original template to better suit your needs. Instead of creating a new form from scratch, you can edit an already submitted form at any time. This article explains how to do that.

Change submitted forms

Google Forms templates are pre-designed, but you can make your own changes before posting. You can also make changes after posting. Here’s what to do:

Method 1 – Set Up an Edit Link

The first method allows you to create an edit link that you can later use to change the information in the form. The link to edit a response should be set up before submitting the form for the first time so that you can make changes in the future.

  1. Open the Google form you need.
  2. Click on the “Settings” in the upper part of the document.
  3. When the new window appears, select “Comments“and switch”Allow editing of comments” at.
  4. Click the little eye icon to enter the information you want and click “Submit.”
  5. You will see a link that says ‘Edit your comment.” Click on the link to edit the previously submitted information.
  6. Copy the link and save it to your PC so you can edit the form at any time.

The method works well when you want to edit a single Google Form answer, but it gets a bit more complicated when you’re dealing with multiple answers. Here’s what you need to do to set up unique editing links.

Method 2 – Create Your Script

  1. First you need to create a spreadsheet with the answers you already have. Click on the “Comments” and then click the little green spreadsheet icon.
  2. Open the form response spreadsheet. Click on “Extensions” and select “Apps script.”
  3. Delete the text that appears when you open the script.
  4. Copy the following script to the script editor:

    function assignEditUrls()
    var form = FormApp.openById('Your form key goes here');
    var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName('Your responses Google Sheet name goes here – The tab name, not the file name');
    var urlCol = Enter column number where, the one where URLs are entered;
    var responses = form.getResponses();
    var timestamps = [], urls = [], resultUrls = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < responses.length; i++)

    for (var j = 1; j < data.length; j++)
    sheet.getRange(2, urlCol, resultUrls.length).setValues(resultUrls);

  5. Change the command (“Your form key goes here”) with the appropriate form key for each report.
  6. The form key is the lettering in the address bar. Copy and paste to the desired row in the script editor.
  7. Then copy and paste the sheet name to replace “Your answers Google sheet name comes here.” – You need the name of the tab, not the file name.’
  8. Once that’s done, you’ll need to edit the var urlCol line in the script editor. Enter the number of the first empty column in your spreadsheet. In our case, that’s 8.
  9. Enter a name for it and save the script.
  10. Once you’ve set everything up, select “assignEditUrls” and run the function for your script.
  11. Check the permissions and allow your account to use the script.
  12. Go back to the spreadsheet and you will see that each entry has a unique link.
  13. Click on a link and you can edit any link at any time.
  14. Run the script every time you want to add more results to your form to get the unique links.

Save time by using this simple method

The second method does require you to create a script, but that script does most of the work automatically. Creating the script may seem complicated, but it isn’t. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and once you’ve done that, you can reuse the same script as many times as you want. You will then be provided with direct links to each form so that you can change all the results whenever you want.

Have you ever used Google Forms? Do you know of another method to change already submitted forms? Share your wisdom with the community in the comment section below.

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