Mountain Dew Has Something New its Fans May Love

Every year it seems like Christmas decorations hit the shelves just a little earlier than the year before. For the most part, consumers aren’t complaining, especially when the Halloween festivities kick in in August. These affectionately named Holiday Creeps are combing out stores like TJ Maxx (TJX) Marshalls, Bath & Body Works (BBWI) and more, looking for the cutest, smartest, and creepiest items to haunt their home (sometimes all year round).

Now it looks like PepsiCo (FUT) Mountain Dew brand soda is also down with the ghostly ghost. The company just announced a Halloween team-up that will let you do “Do the Dew” in a whole new way. Mountain Dew is known for its creative flavor releases, of which there have been dozens over the years. From solid flavors like Baja Blast and Code Red to limited edition bottles of flavors like Pitch Black, Mountain Dew is determined to conquer the mainstream novelty soda market.


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