Six Flags and Cedar Fair Theme Parks Rival Returns

The popularity of water parks peaks during the hot summer months.

Six Flags Entertainment (SIX) operates about a dozen water parks across the country and in Mexico, while Cedar Fair (PLEASURE) has four separate gated water parks, and others are located at some of its theme parks.

While these two companies compete against each other, they also have several other smaller water park competitors across the country.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor operates on 25 acres of prime land in northern Los Angeles County. The water park, located next to Six Flags Magic Mountain, has more than 20 rides and water slides to enjoy. The Six Flags property is just an hour away from Cedar Fair’s Knott’s Berry Farm Soak City in Buena Park, California, which is much close to Disneyland (DIS) in Orange County, California. Knott’s Soak City Waterpark is 15 acres with over 10 different water slides.


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