2022 First Day of Courses

“I’m excited for 12 months. We are really looking forward to the basketball season. We are already planning to go tent. So we were just discussing what our plans are for that. So that it will be a lot of fun.” —Nicole Hunter, senior (class of 2023)

Incoming black students met faculty and staff at a convocation and welcome reception where students learned about resources and networks that would be valuable to them during their Duke experience.

“I just finished my first chemistry class. I liked it. My professor has made it really easy, so I’m excited to see what comes back.” Bill Ssewanyana, freshman (class of 2026)

Professor Rachel Kranton will teach Intermediate Microeconomics II in the Social Sciences Building on Monday afternoon.  (Megan Mendenhall/Duke University Communications)
Students on their first day of Professor Rachel Kranton's Intermediate Microeconomics II class.  (Megan Mendenhall/Duke University Communications)

Students in Professor Rachel Kranton's class.  (Megan Mendenhall/Duke University Communications)

“I’m using med university, so kind of looking at how that performs over the next few months. It’s really going to be fun. Plenty of fun with regard to the future, each academic after which the past started. So it will certainly be 12 fun months.” – Nicole Hunter

Students talk in front of the Duke board on the first day of class.  (Bill Snead/Duke University Communications)

“Everyone is strolling around, the campus is energetic again, it’s really nice to be back and see everything again.” Mariah Mathias, sophomore (class of 2025)

A student asks a question during his Quantum Mechanics 1 course by Prof.  Thomas Barthel.  (Jared Lazarus/Duke University Communications)
Prof. dr.  Thomas Barthel teaches Quantum Mechanics 1 in the Reuben-Cooke Building on the first day of class.  (Jared Lazarus/Duke University Communications)

“I’m actually excited, especially as a sophomore. I’m excited to see where my programs take me. After that, at the peak of these 12 months, I have a significant statement to make, so I’m excited to see what I can offer you, what I resolve.” Mariah Mathias

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