Narco Nexus exhibits off their ‘Apocalypse’ trailer

Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has declared a decisive battle to interrupt the resurgence of Narco Nexus within the state. In an effort to save the state’s younger tech from falling prey to drugs, Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath has taken a vow to destroy this tainted enterprise. In addition, the preparations for large-scale movement have been completed in the coming days. By dividing the state into three zones, groups have been formed under the management of sensible officers. In addition, this has started the countdown to ending the illegal drug empire in Uttar Pradesh.

39 lakh kg consignment of illegal drug seized, syndicate assaulted

In the best way, to break the drug sellers again, the Yogi authorities seized about 39 lakh kg of illegal shipment, taking swift action in just 6 months. If the trailer for the marketing campaign towards Narco Nexus is such a stunner, then you might guess what your entire movie will look like in the coming days.

56 thousand drug sellers caught in 6 months

In line with the report of the Residence Division of Uttar Pradesh, from January 1, 2022 to July 31, a massive marketing campaign has been launched for illegal and toxic liquor from abroad along with charas, opium, heroin, smack, morphine, doda and ganja. Furthermore, major attacks have been recorded for artificial narcotics, psychotropic injections and Lahan. Moreover, in just six months, more than 56 thousand arrests have damaged the link of the drug mafia working in UP.

Huge loss for drug mafia syndicate

Looking at the information, 42,898 kg of ganja, 609 kg of charas, 143 kg of opium, 12 kg of heroin, 79 kg of smack, 12 kg of morphine and 3,333 kg of doda were seized within the first 6 months of 2022. . In addition, 13 kg of artificial narcotics, psychotropic injections were recovered. The arrest of 6,692 people in this total train has caused quite a bit of damage to the drug mafia syndicate.

Illegal liquor dealers are extra stressed

Alternatively, approximately 3,32,881 kg of English drink, 11,48,928 kg of national drink and 235.1154 kg of Lahan have been extracted over 6 months. In addition, 3781 illegal liquor ovens were destroyed. The arrest of 50,094 people for this marketing campaign has cornered the illegal drinking mafia.

If the trailer itself is so terrible, what will the whole movie be like..

Such a sheer volume of seizures and arrests has shaken your entire syndicate of this tainted enterprise even before the decisive battle against drug traffickers. Now Yogi Adityanath has declared the final war against Narco Nexus and the drink mafia. Narco Nexus has bought a way of showing what your entire movie is likely to be in the coming days, when the trailer for Yogi’s anti-drug marketing campaign is so terrifying. In such a scenario, your entire community changes from drug dealing to UP to stressed out.

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