Uttar Pradesh | Little one Kidnapped From Mathura Recovered From BJP Corporator’s Home In Firozabad: Reviews

A baby abducted from a railway platform in Mathura in Uttar Pradesh has been reportedly found at the home of a Bharatiya Janata Social Assembly (BJP) in Firozabad district.

NDTV on Monday, it was reported that the child was recovered from BJP’s Vinita Agarwal and her husband’s home in Firozabad. It also reported that the restoration of the child has led to the police arresting the bigger gang behind the rounding up of children.

The video of the kidnapping, which reportedly took place on August 23, surfaced on the web and the public was asked to report the suspect who appeared in the footage.

“This person has kidnapped a seven-month-old baby who was sleeping with his mother at Mathura Railway Junction. Please help catch this person,” Police Officer Sachin Kaushik said on Twitter in Hindi, along with the video of the kidnapping and a clearer photo of the suspect.

Kaushik stated in a separate tweet that 4 groups of the Railway Authority Police (GRP) have been in the case.

“BJP’s Vinita Agarwal and her husband reportedly bought the boy for Rs 1.8 lakh from two docs, who were half of a larger gang, because they needed a son. The couple already has a daughter. A total of eight people have been arrested, along with the person caught on a security digicam picking up the child from the platform,” police said. NDTV.

Vinita has confessed to taking the child from a nurse, based on another report.

The gang is said to involve nurses and doctors. mirror now reported: “Police have found an organized plan involving a hospital owner, a number of nurses and several gang members in which children have been abducted and bought for money to childless couples.”

NDTV quoted the police as saying that whoever lifted the child is called Deepk Kumar and that he is from UP’s Hathras.

“We found out that a man named Deep Kumar took the child. He is part of a gang of two doctors who run a hospital in the neighboring Hathras district. Another welfare staff is also concerned. We questioned the people in whose home the child was found, they usually told us they only had one daughter, so needed a son. That’s why they closed the deal.” NDTV quoted senior police officer Mohammed Mushtaq as saying.

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