How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Roblox

If you can’t message a friend in Roblox, they may have blocked you for some reason. But how exactly does this feature work, and are there other ways to see if someone has blocked you?

This article shows you everything you need to know about the blocking feature in Roblox. Plus, you get a few tips and tricks on how to add or remove people yourself.

How to know if you are blocked in Roblox

Blocking others in Roblox is designed to filter individuals from social interactions. There are usually several “signs” that indicate that you have been blocked. With regard to the person who blocked you, you cannot:

  1. Sending messages
  2. Send friend requests
  3. Send Trade Requests
  4. Send Ally invites
  5. In-game chat
  6. Chat with their friends
  7. Send party invites to their friends
  8. Send Clan Invitations
  9. Follow their friends to games

If you experience any of the above, rest assured that the person in question has blocked you. Please note that there is no direct way to tell if you have been blocked: there are no notifications or messages from administrators. You have to follow the directions above and play detective. The proof is clear when you try to message someone and find it doesn’t work.

Roblox Someone blocked you

Why blocking exists

With over 164 million users worldwide, making sure everyone can enjoy their time on the platform is an important and demanding task. For that reason, Roblox already has a team of moderators and automated systems. The blocking feature was introduced in 2014 and created to allow users to self-monitor their social experience without the intervention of the company. It serves as a quick solution to any grievances players may have towards each other. The reasons for blocking can be very subjective and all users can decide whether that kind of action is necessary.

How does blocking someone on Roblox work?

You may already know that it is relatively easy to block someone in Roblox. All you need to do is go to their profile page, select the three dots in the top right corner, and click the “Block User” option from the popup menu.

Another way to do this is to find the member’s username in the leaderboard/player list at the top right of the screen. Clicking on it will open a menu from which you can choose the “Block Player” option. If you continue with the action, the icon by their name changes to a circle with a backslash (aka the universal “No” symbol), meaning the player has been successfully blocked. Note that this method may not work on smaller screens such as mobile devices. In that case, you should use the profile page as described above.

A block list in Roblox is limited to 100 per user (previously 50), which means that someone who uses this feature regularly should at some point consider unblocking others. If you accidentally blocked someone, you may want to unblock that person as soon as possible.

Here’s how to block someone on Roblox:

  1. Navigate to “Account Settings” (gear icon in browser or three dots on mobile).
  2. click on “Settings.”
  3. Go to “Privacy.”
  4. Click on the “show” button in the ‘Blocked users’ section of ‘Settings’.
  5. Find the “username” of the person you want to unblock and then select “Unblock” next to their name.
  6. If you have set a security pin for your account, you must disable it to unblock someone. Scroll back to the top and select “Security” from the left navigation menu.
  7. Scroll down. Tap the “slide switch” next to “Account PIN is currently enabled” to disable the feature.
  8. Enter your current PIN and click “Unblock”, then return to “Step 1” and try again.

Note: When you unblock someone on Roblox, the friend status will be removed and you will have to send a new request.

Many users may already be familiar with using the “Block” feature. What may be less obvious is what happens when (and if) you’re on the receiving end of the block.

Blocking you may not be their fault

Blocking people in online games or platforms can have valid reasons and they serve as a valuable tool to ensure decent behavior among members. The usual reasons it happens in Roblox are rudeness, harassing others, and spamming.

If this situation has happened to you, consider whether you have exhibited similar behavior. Remember that there may not be an objective argument as to why you were blocked. Sometimes a user will be banned for in-game reasons that are not personally related to him or her. Also, don’t forget that accidents can happen on your side or the other’s.

Don’t let a block bring you down

Now that you know how to find out if someone has blocked you on Roblox, you can use it whenever you want. Even if you were accidentally blocked, through no fault of your own or for some other reason, don’t worry about it. With such a large community, you can always make new friends.

Finally, if you come across a person wearing the shirt below in a game with the same message or something similar, don’t follow the instructions on it!

You are blocked
“You are banned from chatting with this person. Press Alt-F4 to unblock yourself.”

Have you ever been blocked on Roblox? How did you find out? Let us know in the comments below.

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