Don’t Bury Ifeanyi Adeleke He’ll comeback to Life” – Prophet says

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Nigerian prophet, Christian Shola has called on Davido and Chioma who lost their 3 year old child, Ifeanyi Adeleke to not bury the dead child yet. According Prophet Christian Shola, Ifeanyi is a destiny Child and would be brought back to life if he his taken to Solution Ground on or before 21hrs from when he passed his message.

The recent passing of Ifeanyi, the son of Davido and Chioma, shocked fans, friends and loved ones not forgetting the bereaved family.

According to reports, the young kid drowned in the home’s swimming pool and died as a result.

Prophet Christian Shola revealed that Ifeanyi is a destiny child, and if they run to Solution Ground on or before 21 hours when the message was sent their son will be restored back to life.

Taking to his Twitter account, he wrote;

I am Prophet Christian Shola, please don’t bury that boy yet, he is a destiny child.

take Ifeanyi Adeleke to Solution Ground on or before 21hrs after this message and see what will happen, God of of solution can never fail (2king5v10). Olórun Christian Shola Agbayé.

A close source claims that Davido’s baby mama, Chioma Rowland told the police that he fed Ifeanyi and then left him with his nanny, but the nanny afterwards claimed that she mistakenly believed the 3-year-old was with the chef after she couldn’t find him for a while.

Dont Bury Ifeanyi Adeleke

According to the close source, Davido nearly lost his mind as he behaved abnormally at home.

“Davido ran mad. He literally tore his clothes and wanted to run into the streets. He was held back. He and Chioma are inconsolable.” the source said.

See his post below,

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