How to Invest in Biotechnology

How to Invest in Biotechnology

By Dana Abramovitz

Investing is a challenge. There are all kinds of things to consider: the company, the industry, the macroeconomic environment and how the market reacts to each variable. Big companies are often overlooked and bad companies can become hype.

As investors we need to be sure of ourselves and our position. We have to come up with a plan and stick to it.

I want to invest in biotech. What now?

Let’s say you want to invest in the healthcare sector, especially biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry. Here it gets even more challenging. While we may be able to measure a company’s position in the industry by revenue, customers, growth over time, or how well or poorly a business is run, when you invest in biotechnology and drug development companies you have , dealing with a variable you have little control over … biology.


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