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Source reveals Davido’s reaction to Ifeanyi’s death


A source close to Davido’s camp has revealed the singer reaction to Ifeanyi’s death, when he was informed of the tragedy that had befallen him as a result of the passing of his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Davido’s reaction to Ifeanyi’s death

Ifeanyi, the son of Davido and Chioma, passed away recently, shocking his fans, friends, and relatives in addition to the grieving family.

The small child reportedly perished after drowning in the home’s swimming pool.

Ifeanyi’s nanny later claimed that she wrongly thought the 3-year-old was with the chef after she couldn’t find him for a long, according to a close source who claims that Davido’s baby mother, Chioma Rowland, informed the police that he fed Ifeanyi and then left him with the nanny.

Davido’s reaction to Ifeanyi’s death

The close source claims that Davido was acting strangely at home to the point that he almost lost his sanity.

“Davido ran mad. He literally tore his clothes and wanted to run into the streets. He was held back. He and Chioma are inconsolable.” the source said.

Netizens react

Nigerian social media uses have continued to react to the sad news of Ifeanyi’s passing. See some below:

seundream wrote; CCTV should be presented immediately, something about this does not sit right amongst chefs, maid, security, gardener etc

iamonyiempire wrote; As it should, 9 domestic staff and no one noticed the disappearance of this child?? 😭💔😭😭😭

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