How To Change the Font Size on an Android Device

How To Change the Font Size on an Android Device

Since the creation of the Android operating system in 2008, millions of people have used yummy-sounding versions like “Jelly Bean,” Ice Cream Sandwich, and “Lollipop.” But what’s not so nice is if you can’t see the text on your screen.

If the font is too small to read menus or perform web searches, there is an easy solution to your problem. It only takes a few moments to change the font size on your Android. This article will show you how to do that.

Change Font Size Android OS

Several options are available to make changes to the font size. You can adjust your device’s text size in your device’s settings. But that won’t affect the text size in your apps, so we’ll discuss that below.

Follow these steps to change the font size on the main system of your Android OS device:

  1. Open the “Settings” option.
  2. Select ‘Show’.
  3. Choose “Font Size” (or “Screen Zoom” on Samsung devices).
  4. Set your font to your liking.

Your font will remain at your chosen size until you change it. The setting may not change the text on your home screen. However, you can also change this setting, as you will read later.

Enable screen taps to increase text size

If you often need to zoom in and out, you can turn on Magnification in Settings. Here’s what to do:

  1. Swipe down on your screen to open ‘Settings’.
  2. Use the search bar at the top to type ‘Magnification’.
  3. Select and enable Magnification Gestures.

You can now zoom in on the screen with a triple tap of your finger. This setting allows you to temporarily magnify your screen, but the magnification will disappear when you exit that screen.

How to Increase Text Size in Google Chrome

Apps have separate fonts and zoom in their respective settings menus. In general, these are the steps to change the font size in an app:

Changing the font on your phone may affect some screens, but not your apps. For example, your new font settings will not affect the Google Chrome app. If you are a Chrome user, follow the steps below to change the font size on your Android OS device:

The format you choose affects every web page you visit. But font sizes vary per page. Fortunately, you can change the font size again if you view a website with a font that is too small.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap the three dots in the top right corner. Select ‘Settings’.
  3. Adjust the settings.

Keep in mind that not all apps allow you to change the font size, and for those that do, the settings may be in different locations. If you can customize fonts, you usually just need to find the “Settings” feature in the app. You can change the font size from there.

Change the font size in older Android versions

The steps to change your font are different for each Android OS release. If you can’t find the options to change the text size above, try these steps:

Remark: Android’s settings have a search bar at the top. If you can’t find a setting, use the search bar.

  1. Go to your quick “Settings” (swipe down on the home screen).
  2. Select ‘Accessibility’.
  3. Choose ‘Text and display’.
  4. Tap ‘Font size’.
  5. Use the slider to change the text size.

The size of the text on your device will change to the size you chose. You change it again with the same steps.

Resizing Android Icons

You may notice that your home screen has changed when you’re done. This is because the app icon sizes on your home screen are set by default. Changing your font size will move the apps on your screen because the app text has changed.

If you don’t like the new look, here’s how to customize the icons on your screen:

  1. Open Settings.”
  2. Tap Accessibility.
  3. Choose ‘Display Size’.
  4. Slide the knob left or right to adjust the view.

Change font size for Android text messages

You don’t have to strain your eyes to read text messages on your phone. Change the font size with these simple steps:

  1. Open Settings.”
  2. Select ‘Show’.
  3. Tap Advanced, then choose Font Size.
  4. Use the slider to adjust the size.
  5. Click “Back” to return to your home screen.

Your changes will take effect immediately. Alternatively, you can change the text size from the “Accessibility” menu in your settings.

Change Font Size for Android Email Apps

You don’t have to settle for the default font when sending an email. Instead, adjust the font size that appears in your outgoing email.

Here are a handful of quick steps to change the font of your outgoing email:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Tap Compose.
  3. Write your message.
  4. Select the text.
  5. Choose “Format” from the pop-up menu to adjust the font size.

Try the dark mode

If you’re still having trouble reading text, the problem may not be with the font size. Android users can access other settings to make their screens easier to read. For example, you can enable the dark theme on the device to improve readability.

To enable the dark theme in Android:

  1. Open Settings.”
  2. Select ‘View & Accessibility’.
  3. Choose ‘Dark Mode’.

You can try turning on “High Contrast Text” to see words better on your screen. This makes the fonts brighter or darker against contrasting backgrounds. You can find this setting on the “Display & Accessibility” screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to more questions we’ve been asked about Android text fonts.

Can I change the font style on an Android?

Some models and manufacturers of Android devices allow you to change the font style. You can find the setting in the Font menu (as shown above). If you don’t see the options you want, you can search the Google Play Store for third-party apps and themes.

Look after; if you are using a third party app to change the font style on your phone, check the reviews first. Many apps spam your phone with ads or don’t work properly.

Is there a faster way to increase the font size of my texts?

Yes. To quickly adjust the font size of your text messages, pinch the screen. Use the squeeze gesture to move your fingers apart to increase the size. Move them closer together to decrease the size.

sweet success

The Android operating system is an industry leader. It provides users with a variety of customization features that are easy to use, such as font customization. In other words, you don’t have to struggle with seeing fonts. Changing font sizes on an Android device is relatively easy, with a handful of steps.

Do you prefer to adjust your Android font sizes? Tell us about all the features you customized on your device and if it was easy to do. Leave your comments in the box below.

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