Twitter’s only African office in Ghana to shut down after 1 year as Elon Musk sacks almost entire staff ‣ Star Potter

Twitter’s only African office in Ghana to shut down after 1 year as Elon Musk sacks almost entire staff ‣ Star Potter

Elon Musk fired Africans who worked in a Twitter office in Ghana a year after Twitter came to Africa.

The resignation also comes three days after Twitter employees in Ghana officially resumed their office in Ghana. The Ghana office was opened in April 2021 to serve as the company’s headquarters in Africa.

However, it is not clear how many workers at the Africa Office have been affected. But according to reports, the social media company was planning to cut about 3,700 of its staff. There are 7,500 employees at Twitter.

On Friday, November 4, 2022, many employees in the US office needed help logging into the company’s systems after the layoffs were announced.

Most of the employees of the African office in Ghana were working from their homes and their respective countries, despite the announcement of the company’s official presence on the continent.

The workers have formally resumed at the Ghana office for the first time since Twitter announced its presence in Africa.

A senior partner manager at Twitter Ghana and Nigeria made the announcement on the site, saying that staff have officially returned to work in the Ghana office for the first time since the Twitter headquarters office in Accra. A team’.

Meanwhile, the affected employees took to Twitter to express mixed reactions.

One said; “Yes, the team is gone. The team that researched and pushed for algorithmic transparency and algorithmic choice. The team that studied algorithmic reinforcement. The team that invented and built ethical AI tooling and methodologies. That’s all gone.”

Another staff said; “It’s official. It’s been an honour. Twitter Studio director out. So much love for the team who rode the wave with me. Put up with my mushy, juicy love notes. Navigated big challenges + created award-winning work. Moving on we. Tweep fam 4 live.”

Employees start lawsuit

According to reports, some of the affected employees had filed a lawsuit against the short notice period Twitter had given them before the layoffs.

The lawsuit is based on the US Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, which prohibits large companies from taking mass layoffs without giving at least 60 days’ notice.

The lawsuit asks the court to issue an injunction requiring Twitter to comply with WARN law and restrict the company from asking employees to sign documents that would violate their right to participate in lawsuits. can give up.

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