February 5, 2023


… to address media by position

John Alechenu, Abuja

Barring any last-minute changes, Governor Nyesom Wike’s group of five aggrieved People’s Democratic Party governors will return to the country on Friday.

A source familiar with the development told Vanguard in confidence on Thursday that governors who were in London for further consultations also visited former senate vice president Ike Ekwerenmadu, who is in custody awaiting trial in the British legal system.

The usually reliable source said: “They will return to the country tomorrow if everything goes according to plan. Be patient.

In fact, they will address the media as usual. All they do is not for personal aggrandizement they are concerned about the future of this country they all love so much this project is bigger than any political party it is about the unity of Nigeria and the future of our still unborn children. “

When asked if there was concern within the G-5 about the threat of sanctions from the party hierarchy, the source said: “Not at all.

“The truth is that some individuals who do not want peace to return are those who use proxies to issue threats, the G-5 governors are unfazed because the task before us is the battle for the soul of our country , it’s about their personal comfort or political future.

“Governor Wike, for example, is not running in an election. The other governors competing for one position or the other can hold their own at any time and any day.”

Commenting on the long-running dispute, the director general of the Voice of Nigeria, who is a leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Mr. Osita Okechukwu, expressed confidence that the G-5 governors will do what Nigerians do right do by “their political weight behind a young detribalized Nigerian who has a track record of prudent management of public funds. “

He went on to say: “What is at stake goes beyond partisan politics. As they’ve all said at some point, let’s all look at the bigger picture.

“The future of unborn generations is at stake. We must act in such a way that future generations will look back and say that our ancestors made the right choices.”

He explained that the position of the governors parallels that of the APC governors who have shown their passion for national cohesion by agreeing to a power shift to the south after President Muhammadu Buhari is due to end his eight-year rule in 2023.

Okechukwu said: “The position of the G5 governors matches the noble and courageous attitude of their 19 northern APC counterparts, which led to the emergence of former Lagos State governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as APC’s presidential candidate.

“Equality, fairness and justice require that for national loyalty no section should dominate the other. This is the injustice that PDP deliberately wants to leave behind to Nigerians.

“This latest conference in London by the G5 governors led by Nyesom Wike comes as the defining moment for them to take a decisive stance that would guide their followers. It also sounds the death knell for a possible reconciliation within PDP.”

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