Obiozor irreplaceable , Se says ABC Nwosu

The late Prof. George Obiozor

Former Health Minister Prof. ABC Nwosu has expressed his sorrow over the death of the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prof. George Obiozor.

He said the diplomat’s passing was particularly painful for those close to him due to the man’s uniqueness and his dedication to the unity and progress of Ndigbo and Nigeria.

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Nwosu said, “It is sad that his death came at this time. It is sad, not only for Ndigbo, but also for Nigeria and the diplomatic world.

“Those of us, his friends, will deeply feel his painful loss. It totally disoriented and confused me.”

He explained that the late Ohanaeze president was a special human being who “brightened up every room and conversation he came into”.

The former minister stressed that “his candor and goodness were palpable. Obiozor and I had some unfinished business, especially that of the late Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Nwosu said that Obiozor was an apostle of justice and peace and was always ready to find a solution to any problem.

He recalled that “in 1999, when I was appointed Political Adviser to the President, George was one of the individuals I called to help formulate a vision for the new administration.

“He never tired of reminding Nigeria as it marches from country to country that people who are denied justice are not interested in peace.”

He continued: “he believed it is wrong to deny a Nigerian his or her right of citizenship”

As Ohanaeze’s mate, Nwosu paid his foresight, which he said the late elder statesman had recorded in a pamphlet titled “The Journey So Far.”

He vowed, “I will not forget George and what he stood for. I will not give up his principled approach to politics, not transactional politics.”

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