G-5 AGITATION: Equity demands presidency goes to North in PDP – Ekpenyong

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The legislator representing Akwa Ibom North-West Senatorial District, Senator Chris Ekpenyong, has said that contrary to the claim of the Governor Nyesom Wike-led G-5 that the South should produce the next People’s Democratic Party president, PDP , it was the turn of the North to do so according to the party’s rotation process.

He explained that given the zoning arrangement, power will shift to the southeast after Atiku Abubakar’s term.

Ekpenyong, who said this in a statement, said it is unfair to use the All Progressives Congress, APC template when assessing the PDP’s rotation scheme, and since Buhari is from the north, it would have been unfair if the party her presidential ticket to the same north.

He added that of the PDP’s 16 years in power, the South has spent more than 13 years.

His words: “They claim that rotating presidency is the right choice based on the arrangement of the party’s constitution. Frankly, yes, but the current circumstances do not allow that because that arrangement was changed in 2010 during the Yar’Adua presidency.

“Now, the PDP, before we were voted out in 2015, was in power for 16 years. Of the 16 years, the South used 13 years. Former President Umaru Yar’Adua, who captured the Northern slot in 2007, spent just two years and 25 days before his passing.

“His deputy, Goodluck Jonathan, from the southern part of the country, completed their term and was given four more years. With that, the South used 13 years and a few days of the PDP’s 16-year rule.

“So, with this explanation, on what grounds will the PDP have to re-allocate it to the south? Logic requires it to go north. Which region produced the last president under the PDP before the party lost power?

“We all know it was the South. That means we’re right with our presidential candidate from the north. This is the power of fairness that some Southern stakeholders are looking for

“At APC it is a different case. Their latest presidential candidate and current president of Nigeria is from the north. So it would have been wrong to bring another presidential candidate from the North, which is the opposite of what should happen in the PDP. We are two different parties, with different ideologies, and we cannot use another party’s model to carry out the activities in our party, because it amounts to injustice.

“Even based on the six geopolitical zones in our party, three have produced presidents, three are yet to produce. These are the North East, North Central and South East. In the spirit of fair play, PDP presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is from the northeast, which means that after him, power will shift to the southeast and later return to north-central. This is the definition of equity.

“Two of the three geopolitical zones in the south have produced presidents in our party. Chief Olusegun Obansanjo (1999-2007), Southwest; Goodluck Jonathan (2010-2015), South South; while none of the geopolitical zones in the north have served a full four-year term except Umaru Yar’adua (2007–2009); North West. Before we stand in the house of God to talk about integrity, let’s first define what fairness, justice, and fair play should be. Integrity shouldn’t be about blackmailing people into doing what you want.”

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