Balance now N700K after Vanguard report

By Steve Oko

Fourteen-year-old Master ThankGod Nwachukwu was hit in November 2021 by a hit motorcyclist who was reportedly driving without lights.

He suffered a broken bone and other life-threatening injuries that resulted in his hospitalization at Holy Child Orthopedic Hospital, Agbani Road Enugu.

But after months of intensive hospital care, ThankGod, a pastor’s son, was able to walk again, albeit with the aid of crutches.

He was finally released from hospital in September but was unable to return home as his parents were unable to pay his medical bill of reportedly around N1.6 million.

After making some deposits through help from the church and donations from public-friendly individuals, the balance of the account was N800,000 on December 21 when the family spoke to Vanguard about their plight.

Thank God, our Correspondent had then said that he would not like to be in the hospital until Christmas Day, but would rather celebrate last Christmas at home.

He passionately appealed to the wife of the Governor of Enugu State, Ms. Monica Ugwuanyi, to come to the aid of his family so that they could have a joyous Christmas celebration.

Thank goodness, who was reportedly returning from band practice when the accident that left him incapacitated for work happened, also said he would love to play in the local church band on Christmas Day.

He was very much expecting his dream of celebrating last Christmas in their own house to come true, but alas, thank God he is not out of the hospital yet.

The teen said he would like to go back to school and continue his education where he hopes to one day practice as a doctor.

But on the eve of Christmas, ThankGod called our Correspondent and said, “Uncle, I’m ThankGod, I’m still in the hospital.”

After our correspondent’s assurance that God would locate him through readers of his pathetic story and send some helpers of fate, thank God, “Thank you Uncle, I trust in God.”

But deeply disturbed by God’s pathetic plight, more so, the echoes of “Uncle, I’m still in the hospital,” our correspondent took to social media to repost the publication with a special appeal to the public to possibly see if the balance of N800,000 could be raised before the morning so that ThankGod could attend the Christmas service and play in the church band.

Our correspondent even went the extra mile by appealing to his Facebook friends to donate N10,000 each to help salvage the situation while taking the lead in motivating others, but lo and behold, since December 24, he made the move that only N110,000 had hit ThankGod’s father account.

ThankGod is from Obeagu Ugboka in the Nkanu East Local Government Area of ​​Enugu State, but lives with his father, a pastor in Isiagu, Ivo LGA of Ebonyi State.

He was a JSS 2 student from Echele Amita Secondary School Isiagu, Ebonyi State.

His father, Rev. Paul Nwachukwu of the Assemblies of God Church, Amita Isiagu, spoke to Vanguard on Friday and said their account balance had dropped to N700,000 since the December 22 interview with Vanguard.

He said they had since received additional N110,000 donations from people, adding that they had made an additional payment of N100,000 to the hospital’s board, bringing their total balance to N700,000.

The cleric, who said the family had gone through some bitter experiences since the incident, thanked everyone who had identified with their cause, while asking for more help.

On how the accident happened, the cleric said the motorcyclist, who was reportedly driving without lights, fled the scene after shattering ThankGod’s ankle bone.

“Later we found him (the motorcyclist) but he said he had no father and mother and could not contribute financially for my son’s treatment,” the pastor anguished.

He said the family had no choice but to seek medical attention for his son.

Meanwhile, a source very close to the wife of the governor of Enugu state told Vanguard that the First Lady’s attention had yet to be drawn to ThankGod’s publication and plight.

The source, who did not wish to be made public, said the First Lady’s office was on break due to the festivities, adding that nothing can be done until after Christmas when work resumes.

However, the source said that as a compassionate mother, the First Lady would not be insensitive to a little boy’s plight if properly informed.

The 14-year-old had told our correspondent that he believed the benevolence and milk of human kindness from the governor’s wife could put an end to his misery.

Thank God, who has been with her mother in the hospital for months, had expressed faith that this Christmas would mark the end of their pain, but his faith needs to be renewed.

I will be glad if the governor’s wife can visit us and help us leave this place; I want my mom to cook our Christmas rice in our house instead of here,” he pleaded.

His mother said it had been a bitter experience living in the hospital for months, but she thanked God that his son did not die in the accident.

She appreciated the hospital’s management for the generosity towards them and the quality of medical care given to her son.

Reverend Nwachukwu explained that the church had previously collected N340,000 deposited for the son’s treatment.

The cleric also praised the hospital for taking good care of his son, adding that the leg would have been amputated without the hospital’s quality care.

Although Thank God, against his wishes, he still celebrated Christmas in the hospital last Christmas, with your positive response to his Save Our Soul (SOS) call, he can certainly celebrate the New Year (tomorrow) at their home.

Pastor Nwachukwu who can be reached on his mobile phone number:
09026580692, gave his account details as follows: Account name: Paul Nwachukwu; Account number: 3026305616; Bank name: First bank.

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