It was reported that Osita Iheme got married in 2017 but several months after it all was realized to be media rumors, shortly after his close friend and colleague Chinedu Ekedieze tied a knot, all eyes turned to Osita Iheme with speculations that he would follow the suit, it was also rumored that Ghanaian actress Nana Ama claimed to be Odita Iheme’ s wife but both the actress and Osita Iheme never confirmed the relationship.

News went round in 2018 that reality TV star Nina and Pawpaw are dating, the actor has however come out to debunk those rumors, According to Osita, the photo of the dual that went viral was taken on a set of a new movie, also, some pictures of Osita Iheme had been circulating that he has a son, it was a picture of Osita Iheme holding a baby on his hand in a considerate and loving manner but this was also a scene of a movie shoot, actually all the news of Osita Iheme wedding are rumors.

Most of the friends in the circle of Osita Iheme are all married including his long time friend and colleague in Nollywood, Chinedu Ekedieze popularly  known as Aki but the 39- year- old actor doesn’ t seem to be ready to walk down the aisle even though he is fast approaching40 years old, he has been constantly been pressured by family, friends, colleagues, and fans but he is not yet ready for marriage.

According to his words, he is not ready to get into marriage and that it is important for him to find a wife more meant for this significant step, according to Osita in an interview he said that he does not want to get married just because it is the right age to do so or because of the opinion of the society or because other people are getting married, the bottom line is that Osita Iheme is not ready to get married but he has all it takes to get married, from his looks alone it is hard to believe that he is actually very rich, according to multiple sources, his net worth is at 3.

5 million dollars.

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