February 8, 2023

As the world celebrates the New Year, Abia is running for Deputy Governorship of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the upcoming 2023 election, Hon. Chima Desmond Anyaso has called for greater service to humanity, saying that the human race must remain united to meet the challenges it faces as a collective.

He noted that 2022 was a challenging year, but the dedicated efforts for the greater good have led to a much better world and said that 2023 will be a defining moment in human history if there is the dedication and determination to promote the interests of the humanity by serving everyone.

In his New Year’s message, the astute politician said, “therefore, the New Year 2023 calls for commitment to greater service to humanity, as we all collectively strive to eliminate the ugly factors that struggle to achieve a safe, harmonious and prosperous world.” even from our innermost circle of family, friends and associates, because what we do in our small space affects all of humanity.”

Further on, he noted that in 2023 “as we are required to look for good seeds in our environment, we must devote our resources, time, influence and capacity to the betterment of a greater number of people. We should also know that a farmer planting a crop in barren soil should not hope to reap from such a misfortune.”

Regarding the upcoming election in which he is a deputy gubernatorial candidate, Anyaso said: “Today, the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in Abia State, to which I belong, is putting its right foot forward to ensure that the next government in Abia is a YPP- government, a government driven by the passion to meet the needs of the people and serve humanity.

In this regard, the YPP gubernatorial candidate in the next election and my director, Engr. Enyinnaya Chima Nwafor and I are determined to continue doing what we have been doing for the past few years, using our personal resources and energy to serve the people. Now much more we will use the resources of the people to serve and improve the welfare of the people. There is no greater service than this, service to humanity.”

He went on to assure that his foundation, the Chima Anyaso Foundation in partnership with the Chief (Mrs) Ahuoma Anyaso Educational Foundation, will continue with the school fees grant scheme launched in 2022. He noted that the scholarship scheme will be run alongside the free nursery and primary school established 16 years ago in 2007.

He also informed that the team directly responsible for the implementation of the educational support programs will announce to the public how to participate in and benefit from the new school fees subsidy schemes for all pupils and students in need of this subsidy in the 17 Local Government Areas (LGA). ) of the state of Abijah.

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