February 8, 2023


Follow-up to the 7-day ultimatum given to the federal government early in the year by an ex-militant group, Urhobo and Isoko Bombers, the socio-cultural organization headed by Barrister Ese Gam and the umbrella body of the Urhobo Nation , the Urhobo Progressive Union, UPU Worldwide has risen to the challenge posed by the threat of violence contained in the militant group’s reported ultimatum.

This was revealed by the President General of the UPU who called on the group not to engage in destructive acts and assured them that the organization has rolled out its arsenals to mediate between the FG and the group and noted that the youths at the end of the day will have reason to smile if they but heed the call made by him.

According to the President General, the youth should sheathe their swords and allow the peace process to be led by the Union, noting that nothing good can come out of an environment of chaos and bitterness and stating that the youth are the Urhobo- culture of peace at all times to ensure there is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of the security of the pipeline monitoring contract award.

Prior to the UPU’s latest position, a militant group had issued a 7-day ultimatum to the FG threatening to resume bombing of oil and gas facilities in and around the Urhobo and Isoko lands to meet their demands for equitable distribution of the pipeline protection contract. award among ex-militants instead of awarding it to politicians they claimed were nowhere to be found fighting for the emancipation of the Niger Delta region.

Similarly, ‘General’ Titus Deadman-led bombers Urhobo and Isoko accused the FG of exposing the Niger Delta region to environmental hazards by ignoring global best practices regarding oil exploration and gas flaring at the activities of oil companies. They want the government to immediately stop flaring gas or resume bombing pipelines after the expiry of the ultimatum saying that the era of paying lip service to the problems of the Niger Delta is over.

The group threatened to attack the Nigerian army and oil workers if they choose the path of resistance when hostilities resume in future target areas.

“This UPU would not stand aloof or play the ostrich while our youth wage war over a contract that should unite rather than divide us. Therefore, we urge our youth not to engage in any destructive act and also avoid violent tendencies, while the Union pushes the FG to bring about peace in this matter. Be assured that there will be light at the end of this tunnel.

“On behalf of the Urhobo Progress Union Worldwide, may I appeal to this group of individuals to keep their peace, as whatever their grudges may be, they will be immediately investigated by the Union,” the union said.

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