How to Get Bits in Hypixel

Bits are perhaps the most valuable currency in Hypixel. You can spend them in Elizabeth’s Community Shop for various items to help you progress faster. However, before you can spend Bits, you must first farm a good chunk of them.

If you want to go shopping in Hypixel and need some cash, you are in the right place.

This article will show you how to get Bits in Hypixel. We will explain different ways to obtain this currency so that you can buy the cosmetic hologram, the Heat Core and other exclusive items.

Getting bits into Hypixel

Bits were introduced in the 0.9 patch and have quickly become the driving force of power and magic in the Hypixel world. It shouldn’t be hard to get them:

#1. Visit NPC Elizabeth to get Bits

  1. Go to the Community Center.
  2. Visit the NPC Elizabeth and right click on her.
  3. Find the booster cookie.
  4. Purchase the Booster Cookie for 325 SkyBlock Gems to enable your character to acquire Bits.
  5. Consume your Booster Cookie and you can earn Bits for the next four days.

In addition to being able to obtain this currency, the Booster Cookie also offers some useful buffs. The list includes a 20% EXP bonus, a 15% higher chance of Magic Find and Permafly on private islands.

There are several ways to obtain this currency after you have consumed a Booster Cookie:

#2. Play Skyblock to earn Bits

All you have to do to earn Bits is play the SkyBlock game mode, although the earnings are minimal. Every 30 minutes you will receive 250 Bits, which will continue until you reach your Bit limit.

The number of Bits you can acquire depends on your Fame level. The 4,800 bit limit only applies to lowest ranked players.

#3. Raise your fame level in Hypixel

One of the best ways to increase Bits in Hypixel is to get Fame, as this will increase Bits for eating booster cookies. Spend your SkyBlock Gems and Bits in the Community Shop to increase your Fame level in Hypixel.

While just one Bit spent through Elizabeth earns you one Fame, one SkyBlock Gem in the Community Shop earns you 200 Fame, as well as a contribution to community projects. Donate various items to the Community Project and levels 1 to 3 will give you 200 Glory, while Tier 4 items will give you 600 Glory.

#4. The Dungeon Gravel

The number of Bits that can be obtained through this method depends on your Dungeon Floor difficulty. For example, Level 7 is currently the best option and will give you 50 Bits if you have the lowest Fame rank. Level 6 is a little less generous and gives you 20 Bits if your Fame level is minimum.

#5. Kill Dragons

Another way to get Bits is to kill Dragons. Killing the creatures will give you 10 bits, but you need to prepare well for the fight. It’s just not that easy.

To fight dragons, you must obtain:

  • 400+ Def (Defense)
  • A bow, preferably Runaan’s Bow
  • Power potions for improved damage
  • Critical potions to increase the chance of critical hits and damage from critical hits
  • Arrow potions to increase damage and speed
  • Tarantula helmet to improve intelligence, health and defense
  • AOTE and grappling hook to improve mobility

While all of the above items are not required, they will definitely help you defeat the dragon.

During your dragon fight you will also face a large number of Endermen. If you can’t look away from them, equip yourself with a Carved Pumpkin. It acts like a mask and allows you to stare at Endermen without provoking them.

All this preparation won’t earn you any Bits unless you can summon a dragon. Once you have a dragon to fight, perform the following actions:

  • Standing on Obby pillars at the altar to prevent dragon attacks
  • Stab the dragon when it rests next to you (you can only fly and stab it with mana)
  • Get Dragon Hunter 3 or higher to deal maximum damage
  • Use Tarantula Armor to double jump and defeat the dragon

Eliminate the Endstone Protector

The Endstone Protector is a boss you can kill for 20 Bits. It spawns in various Dragon’s Nest locations after you kill 5,000 Zealots on the server.

Since the Endstone Protector is another formidable foe, you don’t want to go into battle unprepared. Here’s what to equip when you’re a melee:

  • Emerald Blade infused with the enchantment One for All
  • Old elegant tuxedo
  • Crown of greed or guard helmet
  • Legendary Golem Pet or Legendary Dragon Pet
  • Support Articles: Manaflux/Plasmaflux Power Orb/Overflux and Weird Tuba

Mages are best off with the following build:

  • Hyperion or the Staff of Midas
  • Necrotic elegant tuxedo
  • Any helmet except the Wither Goggles
  • Sheep pet

The Endstone Protector always spawns behind the Endstone statue. It will attack the nearest player and swing its arms quickly, throwing them away and doing a lot of damage. But since it can only target one character at a time, other players can hack the boss while he’s distracted.

Another useful tactic is to neutralize the Endstone Protector’s AOE attack that launches nearby ground players into the air and deals True Damage. The easiest way to avoid this attack is to jump up just before the Endstone Protector executes it.

Once his 5 million HP bar reaches zero, he’ll give you 20 bits and a slew of other awesome items:

  • Between one and 10 enchanted end stones
  • An enchanted rose
  • Up to two crystal fragments
  • Maximum one Golem Pet and Tier Boost Care

Complete the Goblin Attack

The Goblin Raid is a Dwarven Mines event that gives you 10 Bits. During this event, different types of Goblins spawn and your team must kill 1000 of them to complete the mission.

The best strategy when participating in this event is to quickly approach the Superprotectrons and hit them. This tactic significantly increases your kill count.

In addition, don’t forget to kill the Goblins in the Goblin Burrows. These enemies count towards your kill counter, making them a viable target for farming without having to worry about other players. The only two types to avoid are the knife throwers and the fire slingshots, as eliminating them won’t get you any closer to your goal.

In addition to granting 10 Bits, the Goblin Raid also grants you mining experience, Mithril Powder, and the Heart of the Mountain experience. However, you must kill at least 25 Goblins to earn these rewards. If you receive 100 points during the event, you will also unlock the Goblin Slayer achievement.

Hypixel SkyBlock How to extract bits from cookies?

The first step in earning Bits is to purchase and consume a Booster Cookie. Once you purchase and use one from Elizabeth, your pool of available Bits will increase to at least 4,800 depending on your Fame level.

But as soon as you consume a Booster Cookie, you immediately receive 250 or more Bits. The bonus is repeated every half hour of play time, allowing you to go AFK and earn a huge amount of Bits.

Additional FAQs

What can you do with bits in Hypixel SkyBlock?

You need to get as many Bits as possible in Hypixel SkyBlock for various reasons. Primarily, this currency allows you to buy a large number of powerful items. These include the Jumbo Backpack, Dungeon Sack, Cosmetic Hologram, and Colossal Experience Bottle.

You can also use Bits to perform faster experiments. They provide faster energy recovery for the Experiment Table, so you can get back into action in less time.

In addition, Bits can make a huge contribution to community projects by feeding the workers, giving you fame.

The hunt for bits is on

Bits can give you a much smoother journey in the Hypixel world, be it unique items or extra Fame. Going AFK may be the safest way to get the currency, but it’s nowhere near as fun as slaying dragons or completing the Goblin Raid. In addition to giving you Bits, these action-packed events bring incredible prizes and spectacular team battles.

How many bits do you have? What is your current fame level? Do you find the Ender Dragon or the Endstone Protector more difficult to kill? Let us know in the comments below.

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