A heavily blessed mum who gave birth to amazing quadruplets has posted a video to celebrate the end of 2022 The mother posted the 9 seconds clip on Saturday, December 31 showing the four kids who are growing very fast She is full of thanks to God for the amazing gifts of the children as she said they are stepping into 2023 with grace.

A mum who welcomed four children at once is currently counting her blessings as the year comes to an end. The video capturing the kids was posted on TikTok by @thequadruplet_c4 and it shows how fast they are growing. The mum is full of thanks to God for the quadruplets.

Photo credit: TikTok/@thequadruplet_c4. Source: UGC From the video, it could be seen that the kids comprise three boys and a girl and they seem very excited in the video.

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