By Godfrey Bivbere & Gideon Neamezie

Major maritime operator and former interior minister Emmanuel Iheanacho has said that despite the global economic collapse, there are still opportunities in the country’s maritime industry.

Speaking to Vanguard at its Lagos office, Ihaenacho explained that there were also many potential investors willing to invest in the sector.

Iheanacho appealed to the government to provide more policy support and incentives for the industry, but said: “I mean, the maritime industry has been challenging for operators, but there is no shortage of activity and opportunity in the industry as long as people stay they would continue to require the use of ships and the use of ports.

“Unfortunately, I don’t think Nigerian operators have been given their fair share of optimizing these opportunities. Government policies should be specifically aimed at creating opportunities for Nigerians.”

On the outlook for the industry in 2023, Ihaenacho said, “I don’t foresee anything else. Nigeria will continue to be an important international trading nation. What Nigeria needs to do is emphasize production for export, so that we become a producing rather than a consumer-dominated nation, so that the flow will change.

“We can do it, we are a big country, there are a lot of resources and there are smaller countries that we can export to. If we depend on Russia or America or the UK for a sophisticated supply; some of the smaller African countries would like have to depend on us for some of the things they need.

“Electricity is important, and we apparently know how much money has been spent to organize the energy sector, yet the problems remain unsolved. Basically, we need to put square pins in square holes and round pins in round holes. We must prevent politics from influencing things like this or we will continue to give in like lost souls.

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