There is no doubt that several universities provide scholarships and grants to international students. The scholarship or bursary can be given in different ways with each of them having different requirements. There are scholarships and grants in public health for qualified students.


Sometimes, even if you tend to apply for a scholarship online, just looking at the requirements can lower your morale as you may not have what it takes to get chosen.

Apart from that, various online institutes and universities usually issue scholarship forms which can be labeled as fake. Most of them use it to collect information from students and for fraudulent activities.

After a lengthy introduction, in this article, in addition to discussing all forms of scholarships and grants available for undergraduates, we are going to discuss the universities present in Canada and also look at the availability of scholarships under public health.

As mentioned earlier that all forms of scholarships or grants should come from a legitimate or reliable source, with all of our information gathered and your search for scholarships in Canada we have found some in the field of public health that you may want or should to request.

More about scholarships and grants in public health.

Public health is a very broad field encompassing many different areas. It covers things like environmental hygiene, occupational safety and health, mental health, injury prevention, food safety and nutrition, risk assessment in medicine and more.

This is for all international students who want to pursue public health studies in Canada and are likely to need scholarships and grants to fund their education and cover living expenses.

As mentioned above, our team has researched thoroughly and compiled a list of the best fully funded scholarships and grants that can be obtained by both foreign and domestic students studying or planning to study in Canada.

1. The University of Waterloo Scholarship Program


This great institution is one of the universities in Canada that offers a scholarship in public health. The scholarship is open to all students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate study and is worth $10,000.

It is not just about money, the scholarship also includes mentorship by a public health expert and the opportunity to participate in public health activities.

2. Canadian Public Health Association Grants

This is for those students who are willing to study in the field of public health, this scholarship will be good for you. The scholarship is not only limited to postgraduate students, but it is also fully open to undergraduate students. Research and facts show that up to 5000 Canadian dollars will be awarded to the winner.

3. ATHENA Canada Scholarship

If you are a student pursuing an education in the field of public health, then this scholarship is open to you. Not only that, students pursuing full-time secondary education but struggling with financial needs can also apply.

According to research, after the scholarship, the winner is said to receive compensation of $5,000 per year for a period of 3 years.

Requirements for this scholarship:

The students or applicants must complete an online form and must also submit a letter of nomination to an advisor, be it a professional or academic advisor.


All applicants should also know that the expiration of the deadline for applying for this prestigious scholarship is January 31 every year.

4. CIHR PhD Scholarship in Public Health Research

This is a special program reserved only for those who are in the field of medicine. It is available to medical and surgery students who are also interested in further research.

The facts show that many provisions will be made for support and encouragement, provisions such as books, travel allowances and others will be available.

5. dr. Marcelo Sanchez-Llament Foundation Scholarship

This program is designed for students who are also pursuing full-time studies in Canada and the academic program must be related to public health matters.

Requirements for this program:

As an applicant, know that any CGPA below 3.0 will cause your application to be rejected. This program is especially for those who participate in the health program at McGill University, Canada.

6.Dr. Harry Goldman Scholarship and Award


Students of McGill University’s medical school who have contributed greatly to public health can benefit from this award. The prize is said to be worth 5,000 Canadian dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I know if grant funding is available for public health programs in Canada?

Many scholarships are offered by universities in Canada for students studying public health.

The application process is also simple, all you have to do is fill out an online form or send an email with your details to request more information about the scholarship on the university site.

Can I still apply after the deadline for a public health scholarship?

No, this is only possible if they have to reschedule the fair due to some circumstance. But on a normal day, scholarship programs cannot accept new applicants after the expiration date.

Is it all scholarship programs that need money from me?


As mentioned in the article above, different scholarship programs had their way of getting requirements from you. Some may need some money from you as support while some will support you completely.



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