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Shina Abubakar, Osogbo

Obi-Datti campaign spokesman Yinusa Tanko has revealed that Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi relied on the oppressed masses across Nigeria to win the February 25 presidential election.

He added that the defection of the party’s gubernatorial candidate in the July 16, 2022 poll in Osun will in no way affect Obi’s chances in the state.

Speaking ahead of the party’s presidential campaign rally in Osogbo on Saturday, Tanko said Obi has a better chance of becoming Nigeria’s president than other candidates.

“Lasun Yusuf’s defection from the Workers’ Party to the People’s Democratic Party does not affect us in any way, we have our structure over time. Immediately after Lasun’s departure, the party went back to strengthen the party’s structure across the state.

“The structure we are talking about is the youth, artisans, NLC, TUC, retirees, the common man who has not served for decades, and the downtrodden masses. We galvanized these structures for the upcoming battle, the 2023 General Election for Peter Obi.

“Out of all the presidential candidates, Nigerians only trust Obi, he is the only candidate who does not buy votes, you could see the love expressed by young people and Nigerians who devote their resources to his campaign.

“Obi has capacity, character, consistency, compassion and commitment to the nation. He has managed to create a mantra from consumption to production. He is the only governor to have left $75 billion to state governments.

“We are taking the center of Osogbo town in Freedom Park for Obi’s campaign. Peter Obi’s support group has a large presence in Osun state and more than 71 percent of Nigerian youth support him,” he said.

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