Says APC candidate is the personification of corruption

John Alechenu, Abuja

The Atiku/Okowa Campaign Organization has described All Progressives Congress presidential candidate Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu as corrupt and unfit for public office because of his alleged corruption.

According to the PDP campaign, the APC counterpart is “trying to market a shaky, shaky, and drug-ravaged presidential candidate.

This was in a rewording signed by Atiku-Okowa campaign spokesman Kola Ologbondiyan in Abuja late Wednesday.

He said the Atiku-Okowa Campaign Council decided to mock the Tinubu campaign for its failed attempt to attribute illness to the healthy and energetic People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

Ologbondiyan said: “The campaign also details the failed attempt by Tinubu, the famed Lagos real estate stripper, who has gained fame as the corruption personified and the living example of the ‘cunning dodger’, to promote the impeccable character and integrity of the incoming people’s president. , Atiku.

“It is imperative to note that our campaign had focused on issues and refrained from Tinubu’s appalling health issues prior to this ignoble public dance of the Tinubu/Shettima campaign.

“However, as Tinubu himself has opened the channels for Nigerians to investigate his ill health, we have no choice but to further expose that the APC candidate must be suffering from overt Parkinson’s disease associated with incontinence.

“To be clear, Parkinson’s disease is a brain disorder with symptoms such as trembling hands, stiffness of limbs, coordination problems, balance problems when walking; articulation disorder, memory problems and general mental and physical weakness all seen in the APC presidential candidate.

“This perhaps explains the desperation, the endless blunders, the articulation errors, the incoherence, the many blunders and the disconnection from reality for which Asiwaju Tinubu has become the butt of queer jokes among Nigerians and internationally.”

He went on to say: “It is rather unfortunate that the APC presidential candidate, who cannot stand upright or ascend an elevation unassisted, who is plagued by visible hand tremors, who develops palpitations at the slightest physical exertion and who being reported in the public space as challenged by incontinence could try to speak about the health condition of every Nigerian.

“In addition, some medical professionals have linked certain cases of nerve cell death to substance use and unhealthy lifestyles and our campaign urges Tinubu to self-examine in that regard.

“Furthermore, Nigerians find it incongruous that the tarnished Asiwaju Tinubu, who is harassed by a stinking criminal record, including the confiscation of $460,000 for narcotics-related misdemeanor by a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States; alleged looting of the Lagos treasury and dismantling of its properties; instances of forgery, impersonation, perjury, inconsistencies in name, age, and questionable education, lineage, and genealogy can attempt to speak of corruption and integrity.

“Asiwaju Tinubu should rather hide his face in shame given his malodorous activities for which well-meaning Nigerians have distanced themselves from his presidential campaign.

“In any case, Nigerians are aware that Tinubu is not ethically, physically and mentally fit to hold the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, unlike the decent, honest, physically, mentally and emotionally fit Atiku Abubakar, who the manifesto demonstrates willingness, intellectual alertness, capacity and experience to lead our nation at this critical time.

“Those pushing Emilokan’s candidacy cannot claim they don’t know he is not fit to lead a country of 200 million people. They just don’t wish Nigeria well.”

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