Ijeoma Otabor, the winner of Big Brother Naija reality TV show 2022, was recently interviewed by Punch News about her experiences after the show and her story behind the abortion she did years ago.

During this moment, Phyna was asked her take on abortion now as a celebrity with strong influence. She stated that she is a Catholic and she has prayed and gone for confessions because she knows it’s a sin in the face of God.

According to Phyna, she is not proud of what she did, but because of the situations she was in then, she had no choice but to do it. She also mentioned that she has prayed and gone for confessions as a Catholic and she knows God has forgiven her for her sins.

She further advised that as a celebrity, her take on abortion is that you should not bring a child into the world when your not ready to care for them. So if the situations does not favour you, then it is your last resort.

She said, “In the face of God, abortion is a sin and I have prayed and gone for confession because I am a Catholic. I know that God has forgiven me and it is what he says that counts, not people.
“I am not proud of my actions, but situations didn’t help me then. I’ll advise people to abstain or use protection or get ready to care for the child. But don’t bring a child into the world when you’re not ready”.


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